Helping Mississippians Build Strong Financial Futures

For many American families, tax refunds are the largest lump sum payment we’ll receive all year. Now consider the fact that less than half of us have any emergency savings to speak of, and the idea of saving at tax time starts to make a lot of sense!

In Mississippi, personal income tax filers now have an option on their state income tax form to direct a portion of their refund (via direct deposit) into a savings or second account. This gives you an easy way to save for the future. The Second Line for Savings you an opportunity to put money aside for the unexpected…before it gets lost in your main bank account and easily spent.

Maybe you want to put a portion of your refund into a savings account. Maybe stash some of it in the state’s college savings program, or perhaps divide part of the refund with someone else in your household. The Second Line for Savings puts you in control by giving you the flexibility to decide how to save.

You’ll find it on the third page of the Mississippi Resident Individual Income Tax Return form.

Take Control of Your Financial Future at Tax Time!

Second Line for Savings is a public information effort supported by Southern Bancorp Community Partners, a 501c3 Community Development Financial Institution focused on helping Mississippians save for the future.